Crab Cake

Crabmeat mixed with spring onions, sea salt lemon juice then pan-fried. Served with homemade tamarind chutney.

Haryali Boti

Bite-size pieces of chicken breast marinated with fresh mint, ginger, garlic and yoghurt cooked in tandoor.

Deep Fried Prawns

Prawns marinated in chilli garlic, lemon juice and spices and served with side salad.

Spicy Paneer Shashlik

Cottage Cheese cooked with peppers, onions and mixed spices and served with homemade chutney.

Main Course

Lobia Gosht

Sautéed onions, tomatoes, green beans and tenderloin beef chunks flavoured with ginger, garlic and cream. Topped with fresh tomato.

Prawns Achari

Prawn simmered with pickles, curry leaves and coconut milk (yummy).

Chicken or Lamb Biryani

The famous Eastern celebration dish cooked with your choice with basmati rice, mixed with onions and spices. Garnished with fried onion and coriander served Pakistani salad.


A selection of seasonal vegetables with Sautéed Onions, Ground Almonds in a Creamy Yogurt Sauce. Garnished with Toasted Almond Flakes.

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